Building MENA Stability in a Climate-Changed World: Defining a Transatlantic Agenda


The European Union and United States are investing heavily in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region to fulfill political, economic, and security objectives.

Infrastructure investment decisions being made today will largely determine the region’s future vulnerability and should be informed by a comprehensive understanding of the region’s risk profile. MENA faces growing risks of instability and is highly vulnerable to climate impacts, food, and oil price shocks. Development strategies need to focus more strongly on building economic, climate, and social resilience alongside broader-based economic growth. This will require deeper and sustained transatlantic dialogue and engagement with financial institutions. If successful, transatlantic cooperation in MENA could be a model for other regions.

Experts, including E3G's Founding Director and CEO Nick Mabey discussed this and more on Wednesday November 1st at the Wilson Centre in Washington, D.C. Other speakers included;

Moderator, Roger-Mark De Souza, Director of Population, Environmental Security, and Resilience;

Carlota Cenalmor, Deputy Head of Office and Senior Institutional Advisor, European Investment Bank;

Sherri Goodman, Senior Fellow, Former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environmental Security).

You can watch the archived webcast here.

Wilson Center/Saiyara Khan

Nick Mabey speaks at the Wilson Center. Photo compliments of Wilson Center/Saiyara Khan.


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