Boosting multilateral investments for biodiversity

Monoculture fields in Bangladesh
Monoculture fields in Bangladesh. Photo by Aabir Ahammedon Unsplash.
11:00 8 Dec 2022 Online

In the framework of the OECD Multilateral Development Finance Week 2022, E3G will co-host an event on boosting multilateral investments for biodiversity. In particular, the event will look at biodiversity and land-use finance and the challenges associated with it. This discussion will be conducted in partnership with other think tanks, development agencies and the private sector.

The event will be an opportunity to discuss some of the following questions:

  1. What is the role of biodiversity and land-use finance in the climate crisis and the over-arching polycrisis?  
  2. What is the role of public finance in the mainstreaming of biodiversity and land-use considerations to prevent the lock-in of emissions and avoiding climate risk?
  3. What are the challenges associated to the deployment of land use and biodiversity finance? 
  4. What does a mode of biodiversity finance and land-use finance that is both scalable and aligned with the Paris Agreement look like? 

Speakers – Boosting multilateral investments for biodiversity

  • Moderator: Laura Sabogal – Policy Advisor for E3G’s Public Banks team.
  • Santiago Woollands – Climate and Energy Policy Analyst at NewClimate Institute.
  • Dr. Helena Wright – Policy Director at FAIRR Initiative; Policy Director at Coller Foundation.
  • Johanna Riedmann – Advisor for LULUCF/mitigation/climate finance – NAMA Facility
  • An additional speaker to be confirmed.

Registration – Boosting multilateral investments for biodiversity

The event will take place on Thursday 8 December, at 11am GMT (12pm CET).

Context – OECD Multilateral Finance Week

The OECD Multilateral Finance Week is co-hosted with partner organisations such as E3G that span the whole globe. Each of the events will add a regional perspective to enrich the global dialogue on multilateral development finance in post-COVID times. The series will follow the launch of the Multilateral Development Finance Report on 28 November, so experts from academia, think tanks and development agencies from across the world will share their views and insights.