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Non-fossil to fossil energy ratio and scaling up climate investment in all sectors

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Paris alignmentReasoning
Some ProgressBetween 2016-2018 for every $1 the IFC provided to fossil fuels, $1.5 went to renewables and $0.1 went to Transmission & Distribution (T&D)


The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has been classified as Some Progress with the Paris Agreement on this metric due to its slowly improving ratio between fossil and non-fossil energy lending.

It should be noted that climate finance as a percentage of its total portfolio has risen sharply since 2013, showing that the IFC is making major efforts in this area. 

Adaptation financing represents a small proportion of its climate finance portfolio. This may be because of its private sector focus, but the IFC has acknowledged that it can do more in this area.

Recommendation: Scale up climate investment in the energy sector to ensure fossil fuel lending is at zero across a 3-year period.


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This work is funded by Good Energies Foundation.

Last Update: July 2022

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