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Greenhouse gas accounting at project and portfolio level

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Paris AlignmentReasoning
Some progressThe EBRD covers a wide range of sectors with its GHG tracking but has no absolute emissions target for its GHG.
Year startedInclusion threshold (CO2e/ year)Sectors  
2003.25Kt.All new projects are screened.25 to 40 million tonnes/annually by 2025.


Within the EBRD, emission reporting over the portfolio (loan and equity investments) has been in place since 2003. While an EBRD document from 2010 previously cited an inclusion threshold of projects over 100Kt of CO2, this document was since updated in 2017 and it appears that the EBRD are now collating the GHG emissions from all projects over 25ktCO2 per year in line with best practices. In terms of calculating project GHG emissions, like other MDBs, the EBRD estimates the ‘change’ in emissions compared to what would have occurred in the absence of the project, although this is of course subject to a series of assumptions. Absolute (gross) emissions are also reported.  

Regarding its portfolio emissions, as part of its Green Economy Transition (GET) 2.1, the EBRD aims for a cumulative greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction of 25 to 40 million tonnes per year by 2025. Would like to seek further clarification whether this an absolute emissions target.

The EBRD’s Strategy Implementation Plan 2019-2021 states that it will do an “estimated annual CO2 emissions reduction”. 

Last Update: November 2020

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