Technical assistance for implementing Paris goals

Paris alignmentReasoning
Paris alignedAFD has set up leading technical assistance (TA) programmes to help implement the Paris Agreement. This assessment is contingent on the soon-to-be published exclusion list showing no unaligned TA can occur. If necessary, this metric will be updated once this document is available.


The AFD Group supports several countries in the implementation of the Paris Agreement through technical assistance interventions, for example through:

  • The 2050 Facility, AFD supports 30 countries in the development of their Long Term Strategies
    • This includes macroeconomic modelling and energy transition modelling.
  • The NDC Facility, with an endowment of €30 million, supports 15 countries:
    • Strengthening their climate governance via capacity-building for all actors across all territories
    • Helping to translate the NDCs into sectoral public policies
    • Assist in the design of transformational programmes, primarily focused on adaptation
  • The Adapt’Action Facility and CICLIA are examples of AFD’s TA efforts to help African countries which are particularly vulnerable to climate change implement adaptation strategies
  • Furthermore, AFD also provides technical support on an individual country-level basis in the framework of pledges made under the Paris Agreement, e.g.
  • Specifically in the case of Proparco, capacity building is offered to client financial institutions to implement environmental and social management systems as well as other performance standards.
    • Energy diagnostics are also undertaken to develop clean and efficient energy management solutions.

AFD exclusion list (to be published in the last quarter of 2022) applies to all AFD operations and instruments including technical assistance interventions. E3G will reassess this metric once this is published.

Recommendations: For transparency purposes it would be beneficial to make public the Pro Climate approach technical assistance support offered by AFD to other financial institutions in the framework of its intermediary lending operations.

Last Update: November 2022

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