Greenhouse gas accounting at project and portfolio level

Paris alignmentReasoning
UnalignedThere is no evidence of GHG accounting (except for projects financed by green bonds).
Year startedInclusion threshold (CO2e/ year)Sectors  
No GHG measurement (except green bonds).No inclusion threshold as no GHG measurement.Green bond projects only, emissions reduced only.No target as
no GHG measurement.


There is no information as to whether CDB tracks the emissions generated or avoided from projects that it finances or its whole portfolio.

CDB is, however, tracking the CO2 emissions avoided (but not absolute emissions) by green bond projects in the energy and transport sectors, according to its Green Bond Framework and other information on its website about projects financed by green bonds. Every green bond annual report states the number of tonnes of annual GHG emissions reductions.

This shows that China Development Bank at least has a methodology for estimating GHG emissions reduced, which could potentially be extended to its full portfolio in the future.

Recommendation: CDB should apply its methodology for assessing project GHG emissions reductions in green bond projects to all the projects in its portfolio and publish this information on its website.

Recommendation: CDB already reports on emissions from projects financed through green bonds. It should extend this practice to all financing activities. The major development banks have already developed a harmonised approach to account for greenhouse gas emissions, which could be a starting point for CDB.

Last Update: July 2021

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