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Renewing Environmentalism

A new generation of environmentalists

E3G exists to help secure successful outcomes on some of the biggest structural challenges facing global society. Stabilising the climate, halting the collapse of ecosystems, building sustainable communities, meeting our long term needs for water, energy, food, health, fibre and minerals responsibly are core challenges of the 21st Century. In our view, failure on these will undermine civilisation itself.

Our core founding insight was that fresh approaches were required to bridge the gap between awareness of these problems and successful actions to address them. We saw that a shift was taking place in how environmental campaigners were able to influence change. Two generations of environmentalists had been highly successful at setting an agenda, which has been increasingly embedded into the agendas of governments, businesses and international institutions.

Yet our collective ability to address interconnected structural challenges remains weak. No one sector can take decisions alone. There is a need to connect across sectors and disciplinary boundaries. There is a new generation of individuals seeking to make change happen, but they need to be connected - to each other, and to a broader strategic effort to accelerate action.