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Mexico in Focus

A strategic financial approach for a low-carbon climate-resilient economy

Shifting Mexico’s economy to become low carbon represents a huge investment challenge.

Mexico has made very significant commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions via advances in public policy, legislation and public bank activities. However, the country is at a critical point in its development. Mexico needs to attract new public and private financial resources, as well as redirect existing ones, to complete its transition to a low-carbon climate-resilient economy.

E3G was delighted to join the Advisory Council on Climate Finance, Consejo Consultivo de Finanzas Climaticas (CCFC), in October 2017. This privately led initiative is seeking to create a green finance market by promoting dialogue among various market players financing green projects in the country. As part of the Public Policy working group, E3G is collaborating with key players in the financial sector to advise on institutional and regulatory reform to channel greater investment towards green finance. 

Accelerating green infrastructure financing in Mexico: towards sustainable economic growth

Mexico faces a difficult set of economic challenges. Low oil prices have increased fiscal pressure on the government, whilst the election of President Trump and regional geopolitical uncertainty pose broader threats to its economy. Within this context, the Mexican government is focused on its fiscal balance, which requires increasing the...