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Tim Walker

Tim was previously Head of Strategic Communications

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is E3G’s Head of Strategic Communications.

He has in recent years handled media relations for a number of high profile figures – most notably Gina Miller, during her successful High Court and Supreme Court cases against Theresa May’s Government over Article 50 – and helped to launch Oxford University’s cannabis medicine research initiative with Kingsley Capital Partners.

Tim began his career on local newspapers, and, after winning a British Press Award, moved to senior staff positions on The Observer, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and The European, when it was started by the late Robert Maxwell. He also has extensive broadcasting experience and wrote a biography of Norma Major for 4th Estate during her husband’s period as Prime Minister.

The Daily Mirror commissioned him to write an election diary called The Heckler in 2015 and 2017. Outside of work, he writes pro bono for politicians he believes in and is passionate about the environment (a trip to Antarctica was a moment of epiphany) and the theatre. He very much misses the free tickets he used to get as The Sunday Telegraph’s theatre reviewer.

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