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Sam Maule

Sam was previously Policy Advisor

Sam Maule

Sam Maule is a Policy Advisor in E3G’s London office. He is working on the EU Low-Carbon Finance programme with a specific focus on the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union initiative. This work concentrates on how financial market reform can accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy in Europe. 

Before joining E3G in January 2016, Sam worked at the Bank of England as a financial market analyst for three years. His research looked at the policy implications of financial market developments on monetary and financial stability. Sam was also heavily involved in the Bank’s Market Intelligence programme where he developed his knowledge of a wide range of financial markets including corporate bonds and loans, foreign exchange, private equity and commodities. 

Sam has a BSc in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Warwick. He took a particular interest in the social implications of economic development and wrote his dissertation on the determinants of income inequality in Anglo-Saxon economies.  Whilst completing his degree, Sam spent a year studying at the University of California, Berkeley which gave him the opportunity to explore his interest in social psychology.