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Martha Molfetas

Martha was previously Diplomatic Writer & Analyst

Martha Molfetas

Martha Molfetas joined E3G in 2014 as a Diplomatic Writer & Analyst. Her work focuses on climate diplomacy and providing actionable insights in the lead up to COP-21 in Paris 2015 through the Climate Briefing Service, in collaboration with the World Resources Institute.

In addition to E3G, Martha is also an Associate Blogger with the Global Policy Journal. She has spent years working on security, climate, post-conflict development, and transparency initiatives with Transparency International: UK, the Security and Defence Agenda; and on projects funded by the World Bank and DFID. In addition to this, she was a co-founder and Africa Research Director at an environmental and security start-up.

In 2011, she completed her MSc in Comparative Politics - Conflict Studies at the London School of Economics while travelling throughout Europe and North Africa, including a road trip through the Balkans. At the LSE, Martha authored a dissertation focused on Eurasian political insecurities surrounding Eurasian energy and Russia’s regional predominance. Prior to this, Martha earned a BA in International Relations from the University of Central Florida, where she authored an undergraduate thesis on Resource Conflict in the Caspian Sea Basin, and studied abroad at Université Paris Sorbonne-Paris IV in French language.

Martha also spent two years working at a grassroots level in Florida on different US-political campaigns, like Obama for America/Organizing for America and Kendrick Meek for US Senate. She has a vested interest in both American politics and international affairs.

Martha’s previous work has focused largely on sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, the US and Europe, and global governance. Her interests focus on the implications of hydrocarbon development, climate policy, resource dynamics, resource governance, security, international law, insurgency and conflict, and international development.

Her work has appeared on: PolicyMic, LSE Ideas Blog, World Politics Review, Freedom to Discuss, the Foreign Policy Centre, and the Global Policy Journal.