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Lucyna Kuropieska-Farrell

Lucyna was previously Project Manager

Lucyna Kuropieska-Farrell

Lucyna joined E3G in April 2015 to assist with the activities within the Berlin office with a view to facilitating an understanding of Eastern European perspectives on climate and energy policy.

Before joining E3G she was a project leader in the Administration Division for the European Medicines Agency, a European Union agency based in London. There she worked on a variety of projects principally in the arena of conferences, facilitating the operations of the core business of the Agency. Prior to the EMA, she was a Specialist and Coordinator with the European Union enlargement expansion programmes within the Polish Department of Health.

Lucyna has a BA in International Relations and an MA in Political Science, both from the Warsaw University. Her theses were about the risks and opportunities for Poland in the (then) upcoming EU membership, and, an in-depth analysis of how Poland - as a nation - regarded those changes. Her native language is Polish and she speaks fluent English and German.