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Kate Pumphrey

Kate was previously Researcher

Kate Pumphrey

Kate was formerly a Researcher at E3G, primarily assisting with the climate diplomacy and climate financing teams, exploring policy options and mapping political dynamics. Kate is a qualified solicitor, who practised corporate finance law for four years in the City prior to undertaking a MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College, London (2012/2013). Her undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh were in European History and Spanish. 

Kate’s work has focussed on monitoring the interplay between the international climate regime (in particular negotiations under the UNFCCC) and the development agenda (“post-2015”). A particular focus was on the activities of the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing.

Additionally, Kate assisted with the analysis of the national conditions in countries that are considered to be critical to the success of the 2015 negotiations (“political economy mapping”). This nuanced and multi-layered assessment is intended to help to identify opportunities for political interventions that may support the transition to a low carbon global economy, and is relevant to governmental branches, NGOs and businesses.