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Dileimy Orozco

Policy Advisor, E3G London Office

Dileimy Orozco

Dileimy is a policy advisor working on E3G's International Climate Finance programme. Her work is focussed on contributing to the design of national finance strategies to drive the transition to low carbon economies and resilient development, with a particular focus on Latin American countries.

Prior to joining E3G Dileimy interned at Chatham House in the Environment, Energy and Resources department, at Green Alliance working for the chief economist and at Banco Sabadell in Spain. Before moving to Europe she worked for over two years at Sintesis Financiera, an economics and financial consultancy in Caracas, Venezuela.

Dileimy holds MSc in International Trade, Finance and Development at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics in Spain, and a BA in Economics from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Her research project in her MSc was focussed on how Mexico could access funding from its Diaspora to transform its economy. As a Venezuelan she is all too aware of the negative impacts of fossil fuel extraction and consumption and passionate about contributing to reductions in carbon emissions.