Bryn Kewley

Bryn was previously Campaigner and Comms Co-ordinator

Bryn Kewley

Bryn Kewley was a campaigner for E3G. Focused on the Energy Bill Revolution, he promoted the use of infrastructure budget to insulate the 6 million low income homes in the UK. This programme at scale would heavily reduce bills for the vulnerable, our health expenditure, grow and decarbonise the economy and be cost neutral.

He built relationships with Alliance members and local groups, facilitated the implementation of our Activism Strategy, promoted engagement via social media, ran the EBR website, and led on Cold Homes Week. Bringing fuel poverty into the public sphere he liaised with celebrities and led the release of a viral video viewed by millions.

Bryn is wholly committed to the prevention of climate change which he views as the greatest threat to the planet and our society which currently exists. He believes the UK should be setting a standard on the international stage, driving growth in a new economy and telling sustainable stories.

Having worked as an environmental consultant and a policy advisor for the Green Party, he is also an Events Manager for Net Impact, a sustainable business and CSR events group. He also has a love for adventure and has sailed across the Atlantic, run the London Marathon, ridden horses in Afghanistan, climbed Mt Blanc and ridden a motorbike from the UK to Singapore.