November 2016    
What are we expecting at COP 22 in Marrakech? 

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A year has passed since the masterclass in multilateralism that was COP21. But the momentum for climate action has kept on growing. The Paris Agreement is coming into force in record time. Yet every month since COP21 has been the warmest ever documented. The real question is no longer if political and economic leaders can re-build the world for a low carbon resilient future, but will they do it fast enough?

There is plenty to look forward to in our COP kick-off newsletter; we spell out what to expect from COP22, give our take on the COP's coincidence with the US elections and how US politics has affected climate diplomacy, and CEO Nick Mabey outlines his thoughts on how climate politics are changing after reaching global climate agreement in Paris. Finally we’ve included the article you seem to keep coming back to, at 28,000 views and counting ‘Judging COP21 outcome and what’s next for climate action’.

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Camilla Born, Policy Advisor, E3G

Cop22 Blog — 1 November 2016
What to expect from COP 22
by Camilla Born
After Paris last year COP22 will unsurprisingly be a more modest affair but with rapid ratification and the Montreal Protocol Agreement showing that climate is still firmly on the international agenda there’s still a lot to play for. In this blog we explore the political mood and policy focus we expect to see at COP22.

Us lm china Briefing Paper — 6 November 2016
US Climate Diplomacy: Greatest Hits Briefing
by Taylor Dimsdale
The US diplomacy team are in for an interesting week. To keep them in high spirits this briefing reminds us just how much they’ve achieved, and offers recommendations for how the next U.S. administration can build on these successes.

Paris-agreement logo english 04-november-event-e1478025546246 Blog — 6 November 2016
Climate action after Paris: Tailwinds, headwinds and wild cards
by Nick Mabey
Climate action isn't just affecting global meteorology - the weather is shifting for economics and geopolitics too. As the Paris Climate Agreement comes into effect we forecast how the winds of change will influence the politics of climate.

Cop21 final crop Commentary — 12 December 2015
Judging the COP21 outcome and what’s next for climate action
by Nick Mabey, Tom Burke, Camilla Born, Bryn Kewley
The day COP21 finished we published our initial judgement on the outcome. From then till now this verdict on what Paris meant has been read 28,000 times.

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