September 2017    
Shared Leadership at Climate Week NYC 

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Climate Week NYC kicks off on Monday and ‘Shared Leadership’ will be a prominent theme. From the Paris Agreement to October’s Annual Meeting of the World Bank and November’s COP23, we need ambitious climate leadership from around the world to ensure a sustainable future. E3G's CEO Nick Mabey, along with myself, will be discussing what's at stake at the Climate Advisers/E3G event on September 20

In this month’s newsletter, Camilla Born calls on the UN to get serious about its climate change leadership. Rosalind Cook highlights that despite leadership on climate change grinding to a halt in Washington D.C., other U.S. cities and states are picking up the slack. Tina Marchand, meanwhile, examines how Canada is stepping up its climate leadership. Finally, Dr. Helena Wright asks when all the development banks will begin to lead by example and disclose their carbon footprints.

Shared leadership is best summarised in the words of Gandhi: Be the change you want to see. We have to choose what we can each do best, whether the UN, a country, city, company or multi-national bank.

This also applies to our individual choices. As I’ve recently joined E3G from the U.S. Department of Energy, I look forward to pushing for more ambitious climate action and management of climate risks. After a summer of extreme weather events that moved climate change from the headlines on to the streets, this should be back on the agenda.

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Claire Healy

Programme Director for Climate Diplomacy, Risk and Security

Photo by andrew neel on unsplash Blog — 15 September 2017
It’s time for the UN to get serious on climate change
by Camilla Born
From fires to more severe floods, climate impacts will touch us all, creating global problems that need global solutions. If the UN is serious about fulfilling its institutional mandate, then it needs to adapt to a new normal of climate impacts.

Usa road flickr by kristal kraft Blog — 15 September 2017
My climate journey through Trump’s America
by Rosalind Cook
Climate Week NYC is unlikely to loom large in Donald Trump’s consciousness, but action on climate change outside of Washington D.C. is alive and well. Rosalind Cook spent two weeks travelling around the US to find out more.

Canadian Mountains by Victor on Flickr Blog — 15 September 2017
Canada’s cleaning up its climate change act
by Tina Marie Marchand
Once a climate change laggard, Canada has started to take serious steps to tackle climate change. Tina Marchand reports.

5410822714 db4e47fa6f o Blog — 13 September 2017
When will all the development banks disclose their carbon footprints?
by Helena Wright
The World Bank and other development banks are currently failing to match up to the private sector in reporting on their carbon emissions. As these institutions are publicly funded, they ought to be taking the lead on this – especially as most governments have agreed to take action on climate change under the Paris Agreement.

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