November 2017    
Good COP, bad COP? 

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A succession of severe weather events make COP 23 seem relevant to every living soul on the planet. The present White House incumbent may be sticking his head stubbornly in the sand, but the representatives of the other nations have spent the last year re-affirming their commitment to both their promises and the spirit of the Paris Agreement. Now comes the time for countries to step up and deliver on this recommitment. The next two weeks will serve as a pivot to ambition, setting the tone for pre-2020 and beyond.

There is plenty to look forward to in our COP kick-off newsletter: Jennifer Tollmann gives you a whistle-stop tour of the policy issues at COP 23. Then, for all of you suffering from Trump-fatigue, I recommend five stories to look out for that aren’t about that man in the White House. Meanwhile, Matthew Webb and Chris Littlecott offer a deep-dive into COP 23’s secret hot topic – coal. Finally, E3G’s Director of Climate Diplomacy, Claire Healy, gives her take on how to deal with a US delegation no longer allowed to play ball.

Lastly, to keep up with all things COP over the next two weeks, be sure to follow E3G's twitter feed @e3g, as well as my own, @camillaborn, which has just been nominated as one of the Top 50 Women in Climate to follow. 

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Cop23-fiji-logo-icon-for-website Blog — 1 November 2017
A whistle-stop tour of all things policy at COP23
by Jennifer Tollmann
Following a year of hurricanes, famines, wildfires and presidential withdrawal announcements, this year’s climate conference has suddenly become a lot more interesting than your “average” COP. But with few concrete policy deadlines, what will be on the agenda inside the nitty gritty COP 23 negotiations?

Dakota corbin on unsplash Blog — 1 November 2017
Five stories that aren’t about Trump at COP23
by Camilla Born
Suffering from Trump fatigue? With the President dominating headlines world-wide, you wouldn't be blamed for forgetting there's a whole world out there. Check out the five top non-US related stories we think could hit the media headlines during COP23.

Koushik das on unsplash Blog — 2 November 2017
Pressure grows on coal at COP23
by Chris Littlecott
While coal won’t formally be on the agenda of COP23, tackling its phase-out will play a significant role. The battle to make Europe carbon neutral has begun, but winning the war is still a distant ambition.

By roxanne desgagnes on unsplash Blog — 1 November 2017
Climate diplomats – pivot to ambition. Don’t get caught in Trump headlights.
by Claire Healy
After a series of catastrophic climate events, Donald Trump's continued head-in-the-sand approach to the environment means all eyes will be on COP to show leadership.

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