March 2020    
Dealing with climate uncertainty in uncertain times 

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The last months have thrown our everyday certainties up into the air. Expectations of stability, predictability and safety have been shown to be based on all too flimsy foundations. Foundations that were already fragile for so many around the world. At times of crisis, it is inspiring to see the power of empathy and cooperation bringing people and countries together; overcoming the division and hostility which has been so prevalent in recent years. Like climate change, the only way to deal with a global pandemic is through cooperation, not isolation.

Like everyone else, here at E3G we have been focusing on keeping safe, helping each other and doing what we can to help slow the pandemic. This has been our first priority.  But we have also been turning our thoughts to what this crisis means for how we continue to tackle climate change; another crisis which threatens lives and livelihoods globally unless urgent action is taken. As societies we need to be able to focus on both short and long-term threats to people’s safety and well-being. We must continue working on building societies and politics that put resilience, preventative action and human security - both now and in the future - at the centre.

In this newsletter, we reflect on dealing with climate uncertainty in these uncertain times. First Alex Scott, Jennifer Tollmann and Tom Evans examine the importance of continuing to work on global climate action this year even amidst efforts to stop the global pandemic. Tom Burke then reflects on how COVID-19 is illuminating the strengths and limitations of our civilization in responding to climate change. Finally Kate Levick and Ronan Palmer look at how dealing with COVID-19 is upending the economic rulebook and what this may mean for climate action.

Here at E3G we recently started sending a regular digest of economic and financial policy responses to the coronavirus crisis. If you’re interested in signing up to receive these please send an email here.

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Covid19 cdc Blog — 26 March 2020
COVID-19: A New Era for Climate Action?
by Alex Scott, Jennifer Tollmann, Tom Evans
For now, limiting the impacts of COVID-19 on lives and livelihoods must be the key priority - but after the storm comes the recovery. How can we lay the foundations for the world to emerge safer and more resilient?

Covid19 Blog — 26 March 2020
COVID-19, Climate, Civilization
by Tom Burke
While COVID-19 causes massive disrpution to our global health and economy, it can teach us some very hard, yet critical lessons.

Puzzle-2500328 1920 Blog — 26 March 2020
Financing the COVID-19 Recovery
by Kate Levick, Ronan Palmer
We are in unprecedented times. Dramatic action is being taken by governments and institutions around the globe, but it remains critical that economic stimulus measures do not undermine a sustainable future.

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