November 2018    
COP24: Low profile, high impact 

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Next week kicks off the 24th annual UN Climate negotiations (COP) in Katowice, Poland - an event that will have major implications for geopolitics and the global economy.

In the last decade, climate change has evolved from a niche environmental issue to a process that helps shape the geopolitical landscape. As concerns grow over the sustainability of the multilateral rules-based system, climate change cooperation is seen as an area of relative success. Global leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping, have a clear geopolitical interest – beyond managing climate risk - in making sure that this year’s COP is a success. But as ever, even with high-level political backing detailed negotiating dynamics and wild cards could still derail progress.

While countries must use the next two weeks to finalize the Paris Agreement rules, the larger challenge will be how they pivot to tackling climate in the political sphere in 2019 and 2020. The ability of the Paris Architecture to encourage increased climate mitigation ambition in the coming year will be the first real litmus test for its operation. In our newsletter we help you navigate the broader geopolitical and real economy context of this COP, while also offering deep dives into COP24 politics and hot topics. 

First, together with Camilla Born and Jennifer Tollmann, I outline the broader context of climate ambition surrounding COP, while E3G’s Programme Director of Climate Diplomacy, Claire Healy, looks at how to visualise climate ambition across sectors in the run-up to 2020. Next, Jennifer Tollmann delves into interventions that could make a difference at this year’s negotiations, while Alexander Reitzenstein, Rebekka Popp and Jennifer Tollmann argue that a broad approach to Just Transition is central for any chance of delivering a 1.5 degree world. Helena Wright looks outside the COP to explain how development banks are now supporting the transition to net zero emissions by 2050. We also provide information on celebrating one year of the Powering Past Coal Alliance at COP24, as well as a list of side-events E3G will be participating in. Finally, our Director and Chairman Tom Burke writes about the implications of the US mid-term elections for the climate.  

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Co-founding Director and Chief Executive

Dawid-zawila-unsplash Blog — 27 November 2018
The geopolitical temperature is rising as the UN Climate talks approach
by Nick Mabey, Camilla Born, Jennifer Tollmann
Tailwinds – both economic and social - are creating the right conditions for increasing climate ambition. What does this mean for COP, up to 2020 and beyond?

Capturing climate ambition Blog — 27 November 2018
Understanding the climate ambition debate
by Claire Healy
A lot has been done, but there is still a lot left to do. Explore our climate ambition in 2020 infographic to learn more.

Alternative-energy-COP24 Commentary — 26 November 2018
What will make a difference at COP24?
by Jennifer Tollmann
COP is upon us again, but what will actually make a difference in this year's edition of the United Nations climate talks ?

solar panel worker Blog — 27 November 2018
A Just Transition for all – or just a transition?
by Alexander Reitzenstein, Rebekka Popp, Jennifer Tollmann
The Just Transition has recenly been thrust onto the global spotlight, but what should a global Just Transition actually look like?

American-public-power-association-430868-unsplash Commentary — 19 November 2018
How are the development banks supporting long-term climate goals?
by Helena Wright
Long-term thinking is key to ensuring money flows to projects that will make a zero-carbon world a reality. What are the development banks doing to make a difference?

PPCA logo News — 25 November 2018
Powering Past Coal Alliance at COP24
Launched by the UK and Canadian government one year ago, the Powering Past Coal Alliance has bloomed to more than 75 members and shows no sign of slowing down. Find out how it will celebrate and continue to grow at this year's COP24.

Edwin-andrade-unsplash Event — 3 December 2018
E3G at COP24: Full list of side-events
E3G will be widely represented at COP24 this year. Here's a complete list of side-events we will be participating in.

Frank-mckenna-unsplash Blog — 19 November 2018
What the mid-terms mean for climate change
by Tom Burke
In the run up to COP24, what do the results of the US mid-term elections really mean?

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