January 2020    
Clean Economy - Decarbonising on the ground 

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Economies across Europe are moving towards carbon neutrality. To avoid catastrophic climate change, and the very real damage it will do to our economies and social well-being, this shift must accelerate.

A global economic transformation, both in the micro-economy of individual sectors, as well as the macro level will be necessary to protect our economies and societies from the worst impacts of climate change. With the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum coming up in Davos later this month, this newsletter is the first in a two-part series. Next week we will be looking at the macro-economic changes needed to reinforce climate action. This week we will focus on the work that our colleagues have been doing on what this means for action in specific sectors.

While the European Commission puts their Just Transition Fund for supporting regions and sectors most affected by emissions reductions forward, Pieter de Pous and Rebekka Popp set out what the fund needs to do to help deliver the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goal. Lisa Fischer and Simon Skillings map out how we can break the logjam stopping the last push towards a net zero energy system in Europe. Joseph Dutton and Léa Pilsner examine how we can use EU innovation missions and funding to drive faster change. And to close, as a reminder that action must also engage with the public, Simon Skillings explores the use of local energy action to drive change.

As we move further into 2020 we will come back to these themes, looking at issues such as how we harness mega trends like digitisation and work with trade and competition policy to truly embed climate neutrality in economic activity. 

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Ronan Palmer
Programme Leader, Clean Economy

Windmill Summary — 8 January 2020
Briefing Summary- The Just Transition Fund: 4 Benchmarks for Success
by Rebekka Popp, Pieter de Pous
There will be tough negotiations ahead as the European Commission gets ready to put its legal proposal forward for the Just Transition Fund this week. Our latest briefing sets out four benchmarks for a successful political agreement.

Mountain-river-valley-logging Summary — 3 December 2019
Briefing Summary- EU Energy System Decarbonisation Policy: Breaking the Logjam
by Lisa Fischer, Simon Skillings
Avoiding a potential ‘decarbonisation logjam’, where uncertainty over the future prevents investment in important infrastructure, must be a key priority for both the European Commission and member state governments. Explore more here.

Innovation Summary — 19 December 2019
Briefing Summary – Delivering Climate Neutrality: Accelerating EU Decarbonisation with R&I
by Joseph Dutton, Lea Pilsner
Climate and energy-related research and innovation has an essential role to play in Europe becoming net zero by 2050. Funding for R&I must be designed in a coherent and complementary manner to support clean innovation across the entire EU economy.

Dan-lefebvre Blog — 13 January 2020
Local opportunities to test radical ideas
by Simon Skillings
New policies will be needed by the UK government to reach their net zero emissions target. The government must now quickly decide how radical these changes should be. What lessons can they learn from local action?

Featured document
 The Just Transition Fund: 4 Benchmarks for success
Briefing Paper — by Rebekka Popp, Pieter de Pous
 Delivering Climate Neutrality: Accelerating EU Decarbonisation with Research and Innovation Funding
Briefing Paper — by Joseph Dutton, Lea Pilsner
 EU Energy System Decarbonisation Policy: Breaking the Logjam
Briefing Paper — by Lisa Fischer, Simon Skillings