February 2019    
Charting the course to a climate-neutral Europe 

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The EU made a bold move by outlining how it could become the first major economy to turn climate-neutral before 2050. The Commission’s assessment is unequivocal: Europe can and should update its long-term climate ambition. Climate neutrality will not only have a positive impact on the environment but will also boost Europe’s economy.

The articles in this newsletter explore the different aspects of the European climate neutrality discussion and aim at identifying the way forward for both politics and policies.

We start by looking at the politics. First, we unpack the next steps for aligning European leaders behind a climate neutrality vision for 2050. We also discuss the Commission’s strategy as a robust legacy piece. In the next article, we urge European decision-makers to take note of the international expectations being placed on the EU ahead of a fundamental UN Secretary General Summit in September.

We then explore policies with a close look at new areas, notably the importance of a just transition. Finally, we insist on the necessity to link short-term decisions with long-term decarbonisation goals when defining a new role for gas in the European economy.

European climate neutrality is a must: it is in the EU's domestic interest and will help spark more global climate ambition. It is simply the way forward for Europe’s prosperity.

Thank you for reading,

Quentin Genard
Senior Policy Advisor

Commentary — 19 February 2019
The plan for a political deal on a climate-neutral Europe
by Quentin Genard
The European Commission opted for a slow but safe path when it published its vision for a climate neutral Europe by 2050. Find out what the next steps to achieve a deal on climate neutrality look like.

European flag in karlskrona 2011, Wikimedia Blog — 19 February 2019
Great expectations: EU ambition in the UN Secretary General’s spotlight
by Jennifer Tollmann
Find out why the UN Secretary General's Climate Summit this September is a fundamental moment for Europe’s commitment's to climate action – and why it needs to step up its game.

Wind energy Blog — 19 February 2019
Making the EU long-term strategy work for a Just Transition
by Rebekka Popp, Lisa Fischer
The political discussion around the EU's new long-term climate strategy rightly focuses on Just Transition. We explore how policies can complement the EU’s strategy and identify the five things the EU long-term strategy needs to do.

Quinten-de-graaf-410449-unsplash Briefing Paper — 19 February 2019
Managing uncertainty: gas in the EU’s vision for a climate neutral Europe
by Lisa Fischer
As the speed of decarbonisation is set to accelerate in the energy sector, debates around the role of gas heat up. Making a wrong decision now will slow progress further down the line.

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