June 2017    
Charging Ahead on the EU’s Clean Energy Package 

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Six months ago, the European Commission released its “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package. The package would legally implement the EU 2030 climate and energy objectives and prompt a set of important institutional and regulatory changes to enable the European clean energy transition. Six months on, our newsletter looks at the relevance of these timely proposals, taking stock of how the negotiations are proceeding and providing insight on some key emerging issues.  

First, we look at what President Trump’s recent decision to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement means for European climate diplomacy and energy policy. Next, we examine key factors shaping the Clean Energy Package negotiations and how they will ultimately affect the outcome. We follow that up by investigating key aspects of the proposals, namely, energy and climate governance with Quentin Genard and efficiency first with Tom Jess and Ingrid Holmes. 

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US Pulls Out of Paris Agreement Blog — 12 June 2017
The Paris Agreement Cannot be Trumped
by Carlos Campillos
Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris agreement means renewed influence for European Union ideas on policies, governance structures and market rules to drive the clean energy transition. Even more than before, this puts emphasis on agreeing to a robust and ambitious clean energy package.

Commentary — 12 June 2017
Scenarios for the Clean Energy Package Negotiations: Ingredients for a 5-Star Outcome
by Manon Dufour
Six months into the negotiations on the clean energy package, the pitfalls and opportunities that will shape the outcome are emerging. E3G reflects on potential scenarios and on how to avoid the worst results.

plant in lightbulb Briefing Paper — 12 June 2017
Governing the Energy Union: Architecture of the Energy Transition
by Quentin Genard, Elisa Giannelli
Focusing on the governance of the Energy Union opens an array of opportunities. Regulation will deliver its full potential if it stays focused on addressing shortcomings. This new E3G policy brief diagnosis the current situation and sets out priority areas for the ongoing legislative process.

E1stscorecard v3 1 Briefing Paper — 12 June 2017
Efficiency First Scorecard: Is the EU’s Energy Union on Track?
by Ingrid Holmes, Tom Jess, Quentin Genard
This briefing assesses the proposals in the Clean Energy for All Europeans package against what is needed to achieve Efficiency First. The proposals currently score a ‘C’ , but we highlight how Council and Parliament can get an ‘A’.

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 Efficiency First Scorecard: Is the EU’s Energy Union on Track?
Report — by Ingrid Holmes, Tom Jess, Quentin Genard
 Governing the Energy Union: Architecture of the Energy Transition
Briefing Paper — by Quentin Genard, Elisa Giannelli
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