September 2017    
Brexit: What it means for the Environment 

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As the Brexit negotiations struggle to make significant progress, this is a critical time to examine the potential risks to climate change and energy issues. In this month’s newsletter, we cover:

Brexit, Energy and Climate Policy: What is at stake for Europe - a new feature article outlining how a perfect storm of political chaos in the UK and complacency in the EU 27 Member States could harm climate and energy issues for both sides and undermine the Paris Agreement;

Catalysing Cooperation: Maintaining EU-UK cooperation on energy and climate change post Brexit - a new brief setting out benchmarks of success for energy and climate issues in the negotiations. Also showing how the establishment of a cooperation track can unlock progress;

The Withdrawal Bill and Environmental Law - a special guest blog from the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA), who have been providing impartial technical analyses of the implications of Brexit for environmental law, on the proposed EU Withdrawal Bill (formerly the Great Repeal Bill) and their forthcoming research.

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Shane Tomlinson, Director, E3G 

Thinkstockphotos-brexit 2 Commentary — 5 September 2017
Brexit, Energy and Climate Policy: What is at Stake for Europe
by Shane Tomlinson, Manon Dufour
Shane Tomlinson and Manon Dufour explore what is at stake for climate and energy issues during the Brexit negotiations, particularly as political uncertainty puts them at risk. This Euractiv article goes on to illustrate how climate and energy are two areas ripe for cooperation to flourish.

Thinkstockphotos-brexit Briefing Paper — 6 September 2017
Catalysing Cooperation: Maintaining EU-UK Cooperation on Energy and Climate Change Post-Brexit
by Pete Clutton-Brock
Brexit has brought cooperation between the EU and UK into question and the EU27’s appetite for continued joint ventures with the UK is unclear. In order to avoid Brexit crashing out of the EU, Pete Clutton-Brock argues it is imperative that potential areas of agreement, such as clean energy and climate change, are identified.

Forest upwards Blog — 6 September 2017
Brexit and Environmental Law
In this guest blog, the UK Environmental Law Association discusses their work to-date on Brexit. They also announce their October Brexit conference, chaired by Supreme Court Justice Lord Carnwath, and featuring speakers, including E3G's Chairman Tom Burke.

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 Catalysing Cooperation: Maintaining EU-UK Cooperation on Energy and Climate Change Post-Brexit
Briefing Paper — by Pete Clutton-Brock
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