May 2018    
Are development banks aligning with Paris? 

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This week sees the United Nations Climate Change meetings take place in Bonn, Germany. It also marks the launch of E3G’s major report looking at the development banks alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement. The research has found that the Inter-American Development Bank is a leader among the group, and the report features key recommendations for the six main development banks.

I am pleased to be in Bonn this week, speaking about E3G’s research. E3G is also a research partner for The Big Shift Campaign, a global effort composed of dozens of civil society organisations that encourage government-backed multilateral development banks to reinforce the aims of the Paris Agreement. This month's newsletter covers some of the key issues.

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Senior Policy Advisor 

Renewable energy thinkstockphotos Summary — 9 May 2018
Banking on reform: Aligning the development banks with the Paris Climate Agreement
by Helena Wright, James Hawkins, Dileimy Orozco, Nick Mabey
E3G’s new report shows that the Inter-American Development Bank is a leader amongst the MDB’s in aligning with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. However, none of the MDBs has been shown to be transformational across the different areas covered, demonstrating MDBs still need to work to integrate climate across their operations.

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