December 2019    
A New Decade for Climate Action 

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As we leave 2019 behind, the need to make 2020 the decade of climate action has never been more apparent. Demands for action on climate however are outstripping political will, as demonstrated by this year’s poor outcome at the annual UN climate talks in Madrid. Now the diplomatic task of bridging the climate expectations gap will fall to next year’s hosts- namely the UK and Italy. Action will also be needed beyond the UN machine – from cities to board rooms to financial institutes and more. There will be several key moments in the climate calendar to continue boosting ambition for action including at the second annual London Climate Action Week from 27 June - 5 July as well as the EU-China Summit in September.

In this month’s newsletter we take a look at what is on the horizon for 2020. First, Nick Mabey outlines what we need to do to successfully deliver climate action in the run up to COP26 in Glasgow. Then Quentin Genard and Jennifer Tollmann examine why Europe must take a more geopolitical approach on climate and how engaging with China will be key to this. Next up, Claire Healy writes her climate Christmas wish list to Santa while Tom Burke examines how the UK as co-host of COP26 can close the climate expectations gap. Finally, Dileimy Orozco looks at why something radical must happen to global and national financial systems in the immediate future and Iskander Erzini-Vernoit draws upon the lessons we can already take into 2020.

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Edge-artem-sapegin-gp3edrrvu2q-unsplash Blog — 18 December 2019
Prospects for 2020: Climate Action on a Geopolitical Knife-Edge
by Nick Mabey
The nature of climate change means failing to support action now has the same consequences as actively blocking it. So what does this mean for climate action in 2020?

Europe China Blog — 18 December 2019
2020 will be all about the EU and China
by Quentin Genard, Jennifer Tollmann
A concerted global effort over the next decade will be critical to getting the world onto a path compatible with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Can Europe successfully lead it?

Lionello-delpiccolo-aqny0za7x0k-unsplash Blog — 18 December 2019
Climate Diplomacy and the 12 days of Christmas
by Claire Healy
While it may be easy to dwell on the dismal outcome of COP25, try to imagine what it would be like if all your climate Christmas wishes came true.

Claire perry Blog — 4 December 2019
The UK must steer the Paris Agreement out of its ‘perilous decade’
by Tom Burke
The gap between what governments are doing about climate change and what they need to do is widening. The task ahead for the UNFCCC is to keep enough alignment between countries that want to solve the climate problem and make the transition to net zero. Here's how.

Trinity-james-coleman-giqe4wzhi4i-unsplash Blog — 13 December 2019
Greening the Finance Trinity
by Dileimy Orozco
Something radical must happen to global and national financial systems to deliver the economic transformation required to limit climate change. Future change is necessary and the global finance system has a lot of work to do.

Eib Blog — 10 December 2019
What the development community can learn from EIB’s fossil phaseout
by Iskander Erzini Vernoit
While the outcome of COP25 may have been disappointing, one of the biggest climate diplomacy victories in 2019 was won outside the halls of COP. So what can we learn from the European Investment Bank's fossil phaseout?

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