July 2018    
Europe’s upcoming Climate Strategy: the next frontier? 

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The European Commission is busy preparing a new long-term climate strategy. With it should come a pan-European debate on how quickly the bloc must reach net 0 emissions, how to bring everyone on board and on which technologies and pathways to focus on. 

The articles in this newsletter explore what climate strategies can and cannot do. We set out benchmarks for what the new climate strategy will need to succeed. We look back at the last European attempt at a roadmap, back in 2011, and chart the remarkable changes since it was published. But we are also looking forward at the potential role of renewable gas and the politics of roadmaps in general. 

The bottom line is clear: roadmaps are powerful tools to trigger change, but they are only as influential as the frameworks they are embedded in. 

Thank you for reading. 

Quentin Genard, Senior Policy Advisor 

Nicolas-cool-111447-unsplash Commentary — 6 July 2018
Europe’s next challenge? Designing a future-proof climate strategy
by Quentin Genard
Designing a successful roadmap is no small task, maybe even more for this European Commission as the climate strategy is the legacy piece of the Commissioner in charge. In this short commentary, we set out five things to know about this new journey we are about to embark on.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Commentary — 6 July 2018
The politics of climate roadmaps: lessons for the EU’s new long-term climate strategy
by Nick Mabey, Jonathan Gaventa
Long-term climate strategies are fundamentally political rather than technical exercises. In this briefing, we look at international experiences of designing roadmaps to highlight the importance of keeping an eye on the political dynamics necessary to drive change.

Photo by Loic Djim on Unsplash Presentation — 6 July 2018
The EU’s climate strategy needs a new assessment of ambition
by Jonathan Gaventa
The European Commission has already put forward a long-term climate roadmap back in 2011. 7 years later, the context has changed in such a fundamental way that policy-makers have to reassess the block’s decarbonisation pathway.

Res gas pic Report — 12 June 2018
Renewable and decarbonised gas: options for a zero-emissions society
by Lisa Fischer
The energy sector has a massive role to play in the decarbonisation of Europe’s economy. In this briefing, we look at the potential contribution of different options for ‘renewable or decarbonised’ gas, what it means for gas infrastructure and a net-zero economy.

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