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Can climate diplomacy be Europe’s secret weapon in defending multilateralism? 

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Amidst the geopolitical drama – on climate, Iran, trade to name a few - there is no denying that expectations on Europe as a champion for a cooperative, rules-based international order continue to intensify. In E3G’s latest newsletter we make the case for Europe to double down on climate diplomacy and cooperation as a means to defending international partnerships and values-based multilateralism.  

To keep Europe on track, E3G have created a handy To Do List highlighting 6 key tasks for delivering European climate leadership before the summer break. I share a recent presentation on the role of climate change governance in a world of rising geopolitical tensions. Going deeper on the EU internal front, Manon Dufour and Quentin Genard develop a proposal for rebooting the European ambition debate. Next, on the occasion of Mogherini’s Climate Security Summit,  Camilla Born warns not to ignore the threat climate impacts pose to the international rules-based system. Meanwhile, Jennifer Tollmann identifies areas for international cooperation during next week's European climate diplomacy week. And finally, Claire Healy showcases the under-celebrated real economy diplomacy already taking place in Europe and beyond. 

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'Purple Twigs'/Thinkstock Blog — 14 June 2018
Delivering EU Climate Leadership: A Summer 2018 To Do List
Summer is here and with it a plethora of climate moments. In the two months before Brussels settles down for the summer break, here are the six things we’re looking for from EU ministers, heads of states, governments and institutions.

Cracked Earth in Nature Reserve of Popenguine in Senegal Summary — 24 May 2018
Can solving climate change help build better global governance?
by Nick Mabey
What is the role of climate change governance in a world of rising geopolitical tensions, populism and challenges to globalisation? Will broader trends fatally undermine the world’s ability to tackle climate change, or, conversely, can the shared challenge of maintaining a safe climate be an impetus to reform and rebuild a robust set of global rules-based governance? A Presentation by Nick Mabey.

Europe-3416070 1920 Commentary — 14 June 2018
No Time for Complacency: How The EU Can Increase Its Domestic Ambition
by Manon Dufour, Quentin Genard
Can the EU remain climate leader without updating its climate ambition? Not quite – but it can take different form domestically. The block needs a political debate on climate ambition, develop transformational European financial and budgetary policies, and listen to the more progressive Members States argue Manon Dufour and Quentin Genard.

Team-spirit-2447163 1920 Blog — 14 June 2018
The Latest Threat To Multilateralism – Climate Impacts
by Camilla Born
Climate change is one place where international cooperation still prevails. But climate impacts and climate-related security risks could threaten this carefully balanced global consensus, warns Camilla Born.

Calendar-660670 1920 Blog — 14 June 2018
A Week for Climate Diplomacy
by Jennifer Tollmann
Hot on the heels of the most recent Trump-quake following the G7, the upcoming European climate diplomacy week is filled with opportunities for ministers (and even a head of state or two) to get down to the real business of international cooperation, argues Jennifer Tollmann.

Money-2724238 1920 Blog — 14 June 2018
Real Economy Diplomacy is the Real Story
by Claire Healy
Beneath the surface of the headline grabbing political positioning at the G7 and Singapore Summit, countries are quietly cooperating to deliver low carbon resilient transition. Claire Healy shines the spotlight on real economy diplomacy already taking place: countries and economic actors coming together to share ideas and provide mutual support as they rewire our economies towards carbon neutrality.

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