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Warsaw agreement cements a pathway for 2015

Warsaw agreement cements a pathway for 2015

Despite back sliding announcements from Japan and Australia, alongside the devastating impacts of Typhoon Haiyan – countries emerged from Warsaw with a package that builds on current commitments and outlines a way forward for a 2015 agreement in Paris.

Warsaw was never expected to be any more than a workman-like COP, to outline the structure and pathway to deliver an ambitious agreement in Paris.

“Many countries such as Australia, Singapore, Brazil, China and India deployed underhand tactics to game the negotiations, disrupting progress to deliver more detail on the 2015 agreement. These countries showed their true colours, whilst others hid behind them” said Liz Gallagher, Senior Policy Advisor at E3G.

“Countries were polarised on the 2015 roadmap. As the deadline draws near, many emerging economies realise 2015 poses a serious threat to their vested interests” Gallagher said.

“Those who have most to lose from the impacts of climate change remained firm on an agreement in 2015. The Africa Group, AILAC, AOSIS and LDCs, supported by the EU rejected proposals to dilute the outcome in 2015”, she continued.

Liz Gallagher stated “Momentum is shifting. Leaders can’t wish away the Ban-Ki Moon summit scheduled in September next year. We have high expectations that World Leaders will discuss their 2015 offers at the Summit”

“The COP Presidency’s elaborate attempts to re-legitimise coal as a climate friendly energy sources ultimately backfired and failed” she concluded.

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