Road to 2030: ADB’s public consultation

Road to 2030: ADB’s public consultation

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is currently preparing its new long-term strategy leading to 2030. This is a welcome move by the Bank and an important opportunity to effectively reflect the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

In developing its new strategy, ADB is carrying out an open consultation which seeks the views and perspectives of various stakeholders, including ADB shareholders, developing member country government officials, civil society groups, the private sector, and the international development community.

The consultation includes three critical questions. These are well targeted to the core elements that the ADB will need to reform in order to consolidate its role as an effective development institution in Asia in the 21st century.

E3G is preparing a response to this consultation and will be publishing the recommendations in a short paper that includes a broader look into the role of the ADB in the fast changing energy landscape in Asia.

We would welcome organisations submiting their own responses which encourage the ADB to take a progressive stance towards SDGs and the Paris Agreement.


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