Integrating the Just Transition into the EU ETS, climate and energy framework

European flag in karlskrona 2011, Wikimedia
Photo European flag, Wikimedia


On 9 December 2014, Sanjeev Kumar (Change Partnership/E3G), Julian Scola (European Trade Union Confederation) and Claire Roumet (Energy Cities) will speak in Brussels about the concept of a ‘Just Transition’ and its integration into the EU ETS, the climate and energy framework.

Europe must urgently support sustainable regional growth, innovation and jobs. This means creating a culture of investment and modernisation in skills, energy and transport systems, as they are the core foundations of a healthy and prosperous economy. Many key industries are undergoing dramatic transformation which has implications for regional, social and economic cohesion. Carbon-intensive regions and workers require specific support measures to aid them in their modernisation whilst other regions require assistance in generating jobs and new clean industries.

We explore the impact of change in the steel and coal mining sectors and how to connect the Just Transition framework with regional Sustainable Energy to Action Plans, organised by the Covenant of Mayors, and direct finance from the EU Emissions Trading Systems (EU ETS).

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