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Media Advisory — COP24: UN Climate Talks Energy Union

Media Advisory: EU Long-Term Climate Strategy

By Jonathan Gaventa, Quentin Genard

Blog — International Financial Institutions

Sustainable infrastructure in development banks

By Helena Wright, Dileimy Orozco

Blog — Coal Phase Out International Climate Finance

Will Asia’s new ‘clean, green’ infrastructure bank live up to its early promises?

By Helena Wright

Commentary — Energy Union E3G blog

For Eurelectric, It’s Incumbents First, Competitive Markets Second

By Manon Dufour

Briefing Paper — Capital Markets Union International Climate Finance

Pathways to 1.5/2°c-compatible oil is managed decline the only way?

By Ingrid Holmes

Blog — Climate Diplomacy Energy Union EU 2030 Climate and Energy Package UK Politics

How to keep up UK leadership on clean energy and climate after Brexit

By Jonathan Gaventa

Blog — Coal Phase Out Climate Diplomacy Foreign Policy

A view from the bottom up: Implementing the low carbon transition

By Marcela Jaramillo

Essay — Energy Union E3G blog

You can’t deliver a new EU by avoiding energy and climate change

By Nick Mabey

Consultation Response — UK Politics

CMA energy market investigation

By Simon Skillings

Consultation Response —

NIC must have independence in substance as well as form

By Sepi Golzari-Munro

Blog — E3G blog Degrees of Risk

European security at risk: addressing the root causes of instability

By Luca Bergamaschi

Article — E3G blog

FAQs - How development and climate hang together

By Kate Pumphrey

Commentary — E3G blog

Why the EU should step off the (Russian) gas and stand for an Energy Union

By Louisa Casson

Commentary — EU 2030 Climate and Energy Package

Europe dithers while the door closes on a 2C future

By Nick Mabey

Report [PDF 3.2MB] — Climate Security

Underpinning the MENA Democratic Transition

By Nick Mabey, Sabrina Schulz, Taylor Dimsdale, Luca Bergamaschi, Amal-Lee Amin

Commentary —

Can Ministers turn good will into good decisions?

By E3G

Commentary —

Expanding the realm of the possible

By Tom Burke

Commentary —

The future will not be nuclear

By Tom Burke