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Track Record

Independent analysis and advocacy to leverage outcomes

In 2014 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary, here are a few highlights from the past 10 years. Further information on any of these topics can be found on our Showcase page. We have also created an infographic charting E3G from 2004 to the present day, check it out here.

2004 - Russia ratifies Kyoto Protocol
E3G played a key role in the diplomatic effort that leads to Russia ratifying the Kyoto Protocol.

2005 - CCS in China
E3G analysis and advocacy results in EU-China agreement to build the Near Zero Emission Coal (NZEC) Carbon Capture and Storage demonstration plant.

2006 - Europe in the WorldEurope in the World
E3G developed and tested with partners a political analysis of how the EU could best respond to the challenge of maintaining its security and prosperity in an interdependent world. The 'Europe in the World' pamphlet was widely read by policy makers and commentators and informed efforts to give the EU a more outward looking approach.

2007 - UN Security Council debates climate change
E3G initiated and supported the first UN Security Council debate on climate security.

2007 - Changing Climates 
E3G and Chatham House propose developing Low Carbon Zones in China as key recommendation of Changing Climates Report.

2008 - EU funding for CCS and renewables 
E3G catalysed the coalition of support for the creation of the EU’s NER300 funding mechanism for CCS and Renewables, provifding €2.1bn of funding.

2009 - NGO campaigning capacity improved
E3G initiated, built and helped fund the largest global NGO climate coalition (Global Call for Climate Action) ahead of the Copenhagen Climate Conference. On an annual basis we also develop political scenarios to inform the strategies of NGOs and country negotiators at the UNFCCC.

2009 - Transform UK coalition
E3G creates Transform-UK as a cross-sector platform to drive green investment in the UK and spearhead the Green Investment Bank campaign.

2009 - Nanjing Low Carbon Industrial Zone
E3G works with Chinese government to develop and scope Low Carbon Technology and Investment Development Zones (LCTIDZs) . Nanjing  LCTIDZ established with German Government Collaboration.

2009 - UK Ban on Unabated Coal Power
E3G played a key role in NGO coalition which succeeded in banning coal plants without CCS in the UK.  

2009 - E3G First UNFCCC Political Scenarios
E3G produces detailed political scenarios for UNFCCC process  -  first in series of annual scenarios development and political analysis.

2010 - Low Carbon Zones in China
E3G developed and piloted with partners the concept of Low Carbon Zones in China, leading to the Chinese government establishing 12 Zones covering over 350 million people.


2009-2013 - Green Investment Bank
E3G led a multi-year advocacy and analysis effort which resulted in the creation of a public UK Green Investment Bank to support low carbon infrastructure. This was established with £3 billion in initial equity in 2011, and took on its own full legal status in 2013.

2010 - China Low Carbon Zones 
E3G co-developed and piloted with partners Low Carbon Zones in China, leading to the Chinese government establishing 12 Zones covering over 350 million people.

2010 - Roadmap 2050 
E3G was a lead author of the Roadmap 2050 project, and daughter studies; a groundbreaking study on pathways to a low carbon European power system.

2010 - UK Climate Markets Capital Initiative
E3G contributed to concept and development of UK CMCI – a public/private platform for developing innovative approaches to climate finance.

2011 - Degrees of RiskDegrees of Risk- Climate risk management
E3G published 'Degrees of Risk', a groundbreaking report on climate risk management which has influenced the US Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Taskforce.

2012 - Energy Bill Revolution
E3G launches the Energy Bill Revolution, an alliance campaign of over 200 organisations calling for the government to recycle carbon taxes to make all UK fuel poor homes super energy efficient.

2012 - Norstec Coalition
E3G helped to launch Norstec, an industrial alliance aimed at maximising the potential of offshore renewable energy in Europe’s northern seas.

2012 - National Climate Finance Pathways and Strategies
E3G develops concept of National Climate Finance Pathways and Strategies and begins scoping and piloting them in Peru, Chile, Columbia and South Africa.

2013 - UK Emission Performance Standard
E3G key part of coalition which introduced an UK power sector emission performance standard.

2013 - EIB Emissions Performance Standard
E3G play key role in NGO and business coalitions successfully arguing for European Investment Bank to adopt an EPS on new investment.

2013 - EU Gas Lock-in Analysis 
E3G innovative analysis of risks of lock-in to gas in UK, German and Polish power systems.

2013 - UK Demand Side Electricity Markets
E3G developed concept of Energy Efficiency Feed-in Tariffs and worked to ensure UK energy market reform focused on demand side market development.

2013- Climate security work in the MENA region
E3G publishes 'Underpinning the MENA democratic transition: Delivering Climate, Energy and Resource Security' after extensive work on climate security in the MENA region.

2014 - Arctic work with Greenpeace
E3G supported the political analysis and strategy for Greenpeace’s international Arctic campaign.  

2014 - EU State Aid Rules on Demand Side Markets
E3G convened demand side companies that successfully argued tor EU State Aid rules making demand side action a priority in new capacity markets.

2014 - EU 2030 Infrastructure Goal
E3G developed proposals, helped coordinate company coalitions and Member Sate support for new ambitious electricity infrastructure goals for 2030 markets.

2014 - Climate Briefing Services
E3G helped design and develop Climate Briefing Services network providing political analysis and intelligence to wide range of actors supporting ambitious climate action.

2014 - 10th Anniversary
E3G celebrates it's 10th Anniversary.


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