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Winning the politics of climate

How climate change is shaping the UK election landscape

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Accelerating energy transition

E3G G7 Power Systems Scorecard assesses G7 countries’ efforts to decarbonise their power systems by 2035 – much higher ambition is needed

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Getting funding where it matters

Following the 50th G7 Leaders’ Summit hosted by Italy, G7 Leaders now need to step up ambition ahead of COP29 

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Our people


E3Gers work at the interface between research and advocacy, which makes our work extremely stimulating and means we have an outsize impact.

Dileimy Orozco
Senior Policy Advisor
London Office
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E3G is dedicated to making necessary political changes possible. Getting wealthy countries on track to phase out coal by 2030 is a prime example of this.

Pieter de Pous
Programme Lead
Berlin Office
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Elisa Giannelli Action

E3G works within a wide range of networks, the unique approach is what distinguishes and challenges us every day.

Elisa Giannelli
Programme Lead
Brussels Office
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At E3G, we work across disciplines and geographies, thinking holistically, but also outside the box.

Max Gruenig
Senior Policy Advisor
Washington Office
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London Climate Action Week 2024

22 – 30 June 2024

An E3G initiative harnessing the power of London for global climate action. 

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