A safe climate
for all

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We are world leading strategists on the political economy of climate change, dedicated to achieving a safe climate for all.

As an independent think tank our aim is to steer the global transformation we need at the pace our planet requires. At E3G we are changing the world one conversation at a time.

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Claire Healy Action

E3G connects people to make the necessary possible. It’s a high-agency, roll-up-your-sleeves kind of place. I love it!

Claire Healy
Director Washington DC Office
Washington Office
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E3Gers work at the interface between research and advocacy, which makes our work extremely stimulating and means we have an outsize impact.

Dileimy Orozco
Senior Policy Advisor
London Office
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Brick Medak Action

Working for E3G is very much about saving the world from the worst impacts of climate change with a bunch of brilliant and very nice people.

Private: Brick Medak
Head of Berlin Office
Berlin Office
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Elisa Giannelli Action

E3G works within a wide range of networks, the unique approach is what distinguishes and challenges us every day.

Elisa Giannelli
Senior Policy Advisor
Brussels Office
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London Climate Action Week 2023

An E3G initiative harnessing the power of London for global climate action.

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